Bronx High School of Science Parents' Assocation

Thanks to the Fall Open House Volunteers

Speaking of 8th graders and their families, Bronx Science hosted throngs of them just last Wednesday evening! And they were greeted by many enthusiastic and helpful parent volunteers, as you can see in these pictures. Thanks to the parents who welcomed prospective families to our school and gave them a small taste of what it’s like to be part of this community. (Click here for more photos from the Open House.)

  • Rebecca Barreras
  • Georgia Bournias
  • Wendy Chapman
  • Amy Davidson(co-chair)
  • Wendy Feldman-Wainapel
  • Andrew Flum
  • Helen Garey
  • Pam Godwin (co-chair)
  • Jennifer Gong
  • Susan Karp
  • Kevork Khrimian
  • Ann Marie Kross
  • Lorraine Kuo
  • Jennifer Lee
  • Hung Luu
  • Tara-Marie Mahootian
  • Mish Michaud
  • Sue Narene
  • Catherine Park
  • Ivette Perez
  • Lisa Tarrant
  • Sunny Wong
  • Susan Wong
  • Diana Wu

BronxScience will host two more Open Houses this school year: one in March for accepted students, and another in June for 7th graders. We hope you’ll volunteer for those events when the time comes!