Bronx High School of Science Parents' Assocation

An SLT Snafu

We had a bit of a glitch during our SLT election on Monday night, regarding how many seats we should be filling this spring. All confusion is resolved, and we are ready to hold the election as we had originally planned. The slate is uncontested, with two parents running for two seats, so all we need to do is take a vote to approve the slate. However, given that we have no more meetings scheduled this year, we will be calling a “Special Meeting” (allowed in our PA bylaws and in the Chancellor’s Regulations) to approve the slate. Chancellor’s Regulations require that all elections (even uncontested ones) take place at the school. If you are able to come to school at 6:00pm on Wednesday June 21st, please let us know by sending an e-mail to In order to hold the meeting, we need a quorum, which would be 15 parents. The meeting will take 2 minutes tops, once we have a quorum. We’ll even thank you for helping us to make our quorum by giving you some fun Bronx Science swag.