Bronx High School of Science Parents' Assocation

Thank you to our AMAZING parent volunteers!!

There were so many volunteers this past week – we’re clearly ending on a high note. Thank you to all of you!

Monday Night’s Senior Awards Dinner
This was a first time event, and WOW! It was truly amazing. Thank you to the Alumni Foundation for underwriting the dinner, and to Weimin Huang and her amazing team of parents (and students!) for executing this dinner with such skill and enthusiasm.
Weimin Huang (chair)
Elizabeth Burke
Jing Gao
Nesia Huryn
Xiaoyin Jin
Amy Li
Jason Liu
Hung Luu
Joseph Maher
Justin Qi
Nathan Qi
Jize Tie
Rosa Tse
Kim Wang
Renee Wang
Yan Xue
Jeremy Xue
Haihong Zhang


Wednesday Night’s Spring Open House
At the Spring Open House for 7th graders and their families, the energy was high and we saw so many smiling faces. Our parents made a great impression on these families who are just beginning their high school search process.
Thank you to:
Pam Godwin (Chair)
Rebecca Barreras
Jing Gao
Leandra John
Ann Loeb
Hung Luu
Rosellina Maher
Caterina Musatti
Thursday Morning’s Incoming Parent Meet & Greet
And, a huge thank you to the many volunteers who helped out on Thursday morning at the Incoming Freshman Parent Meet and Greet! We welcomed our incoming parents with a breakfast, the opportunity to buy lots of Bronx Science merchandise and, most importantly, warm greetings from our volunteers who generously offered their wise Bronx Science insights. The event was a true “feel good” moment – which guests and PA members alike seemed to appreciate. Here is just one of the nice e-mails we received:
“…my daughter is a “rising freshman” as you guys like to say, and I had the good fortune to attend yesterday’s meet and greet. I just wanted to express my appreciation on behalf of myself and my wife, and to compliment you on a great job. We had no doubts about our daughter’s decision to attend Bronx Science, but to see a group of parents who are clearly invested and willing to go the extra mile, for not only their own children, but for the student population as a whole, is extremely encouraging. I’m sure I’m not the only person who benefited by the grouping of tables according to neighborhood, thanks for that thoughtful idea. I’m afraid I neglected to write down anyone’s name, so I’ll just say in closing, thanks to all the parents who helped put the meet and greet together, and good luck to the incoming co-presidents.”
Thank you to:
Liz Gorai (Breakfast Chair)
Lise Aug
Rebecca Barreras
Eliane Check
Hannah Cheng
Jeffrey Felmus
Ricci Garcia
Sarah Gardner
Anthony Gosse
Weimin Huang
Nesia Huryn
Xiaoyin Jin
Rosemarie Kelly
Elizabeth Langwith
Hannah Leider
Amy Li
Weier Lu
Heidi Moustakos
Natalie Rosenthal
Jereesh Shan
Laurie Sude
Dawn Tolan-Schmall
Monica Toriello
Rosa Tse