Bronx High School of Science Parents' Assocation

Building a Shared Tutor List

The Bronx Science PA has partnered with Vouch ( to help parents find the best tutors for their teen. We are currently compiling our list of tutors and we need your help. We are asking Bronx Science parents who already know great tutors to contribute names to our school list. Then, everyone can instantly search the school list of tutors by subject, location, and other criteria. Parents who connect via Facebook will also see tutors recommended by their friends with students at other schools.

Example: Thomas Jefferson searches for a tutor

Interact with this example at

Help Build the List for Bronx Science!

Help us build the tutor list for Bronx Science by sharing the names of great tutors. You can recommend tutors anonymously, and you always have complete control over who can see your recommendations. Please email the names of your favorite tutors to the PA, at, or submit online at The folks at Vouch will contact your tutors directly to ask if they would like to be included. There is no cost to these recommended tutors to be listed.

Email names to: