Bronx High School of Science Parents' Assocation

The newsletter now has a বাঙালিসংস্করণ (Bengali version)!

You may have noticed that last Sunday’s PA e-blast was the first one that included not just a Chinese version, but also a Bengali one! (Look for the links at the top right corner of the e-blast.) That’s because our plea for Bengali translators was promptly answered by freshman parent Alhamra Parvin. She has jumped right into it, not just translating this e-newsletter but also providing real-time oral translation during PA meetings and other school events. Thank you, Alhamra! Thanks also to freshman parents Jubaida Ahmed and Archna Saha, who will occasionally be providing Bengali translation as well.

If you speak and write both Bengali and English, we could still use your help. Please email us at Our hope is to form a small team of Bengali translators who can divide up the work. It won’t take up too much of your time, but will make a tremendous difference to the Bengali families in our community.